AppCoinsProject Just tweeted ********************************************** Are you already familiar with the #AppCoinsProtocol and all of the benefits it can bring both to end-users and app developers? We’ll be discussing this and much more at the #ASFBlockchainSummit! 👊💥 Don’t miss it! 👉
AppCoinsProject Just tweeted ********************************************** 🚀 Four weeks have gone by since the beginning of the Developers Incentives Program and the results couldn't be better! By joining the Incentive Program you can also get the chance to earn up to 125,000 APPC per week! Find out more here👇
AppCoinsProject Just tweeted ********************************************** The #ASFBlockchainSummit is tomorrow! Stay tuned for LIVE streamings of some of your favorite panels! 🔥 #ASFBlockchainSummit #Blockchain #Developers #OEM #AppEconomy
AppCoinsProject Just tweeted ********************************************** 🙌🏻 Check out @cjones2002, Ronnie Tan, @enricabestany, @CaglarEgerand and @pmarquesalmeida at the #ASFBlockchainSummit discussing why games like Fortnite prove that Blockchain is the Solution! 👊🏻💥

AppCoinsProject Just tweeted ********************************************** We’ll be going to have a Facebook live at the #ASFBlockchainSummit with Diogo Pires discussing the functionalities of the #AppCoinsProtocol in just a few minutes! Stay tuned!

AppCoinsProject Just tweeted ********************************************** Head over to Facebook for another live on an amazing panel:'Part of the 95% of users with no access to payments in stores? Welcome aboard!'

AppCoinsProject Just tweeted ********************************************** Paulo Trezentos, talking about the state of the art of the apps economy and the future of AppCoins at the #ASFBlockchainSummit 🙌🏻
AppCoinsProject Just tweeted ********************************************** What is the App Store Foundation? Carolina Marçalo talked about the governance body of the AppCoins Protocol today at the #ASFBlockchainSummit 👏🏻
🚀ANU#22 is here to give you all of the recent updates on the AppCoins Protocol, and an overview of what happened at the ASF Blockchain Summit 👉
AppCoinsProject Just tweeted ********************************************** ANU #22 is here to give you all of the recent updates on the AppCoins Protocol, and an overview of what happened at the #ASFBlockchainSummit👇🚀
AppCoinsProject Just tweeted ********************************************** Today Pedro Almeida, our VP of Strategy and Monetization, attended @WebSummit and gave a brilliant presentation on the AppCoins Protocol and why developers should adopt it! 🚀
AppCoinsProject Just tweeted ********************************************** RT @techinasia: How blockchain can solve issues around app store payments
AppCoinsProject Just tweeted ********************************************** RT @blockchaingmg: This week w/ James (@BCGbiz) the #podcast is all about the rise of #blockchain #appstores notably @AppCoinsProject $APPC ⚓
AppCoinsProject Just tweeted ********************************************** At AppCoins we believe that localized content is an essential part of building a well-informed community, that's why we have created a new account on Weibo! Follow now to find the latest updates on the AppCoins Protocol, in Chinese 👉
AppCoinsProject Just tweeted ********************************************** Tiago Alves, VP of Asia Pacific at Aptoide/AppCoins, giving an incredible presentation about the #AppCoinsProtocol at @CasualConnect - one of the most prestigious global independent games showcase! 👊💥
AppCoinsProject Just tweeted ********************************************** RT @coinstatsapp: Great news for Coin Stats Android users! 🥁 There is a special opportunity for you to get a lifetime PRO access for 75% off the regular price. 🎉 In partnership with @AppCoinsProject
AppCoinsProject Just tweeted ********************************************** Unity Developers will now be able to easily integrate AppCoins and distribute their app in the Aptoide App Store, all thanks to the recent partnership with Unity Technologies! 🚀
AppCoinsProject Just tweeted ********************************************** The new partnership between AppCoins and @unity3d will give developers further opportunities to unlock new revenue streams with lower fees. Read the @Cointelegraph article below to find out all the details👇
AppCoinsProject Just tweeted ********************************************** 📣 From One-Step Payment solutions to the integration of PayPal in the AppCoins BDS Wallet to Unite India 2018, ANU #23 has all of the recent updates on the AppCoins Protocol 📰 Read below to find out all the details👇
AppCoinsProject Just tweeted ********************************************** One more mention about the recently closed partnership between Aptoide and Unity Technologies, this time featured on @CryptoCoinsNews! 🚀
AppCoinsProject Just tweeted ********************************************** @tcalves, our Asia Pacific VP, is currently attending the @BlockShowcom event in Singapore. 🇸🇬 If you are around, don't miss this opportunity to get in touch with him to discuss the AppCoins Protocol and our incentive program for developers! 🙌
AppCoinsProject Just tweeted ********************************************** The AppCoins team is in India! We'll be attending @unity3d Unite India 2018 to give a presentation on 👉 How to reach over 200 M users for free using blockchain technology! Come and find us! We would love to meet you and answer any questions regarding the #AppCoinsProtocol 😉
AppCoinsProject Just tweeted ********************************************** @EpicGames shows that we're not alone and that the revolution we proposed with AppCoins is just getting started. Great job, guys! 🥂
AppCoinsProject Just tweeted ********************************************** 📣 Exciting news! The #AppCoins team has been working hard to deliver brand new features for #developers and #users alike. Read our ANU #24 below to learn all about One Step Payment, #PayPal Integration and Rewards👇

AppCoinsProject Just tweeted ********************************************** @mims ...Glad our e-mail has the "retrieve mail" function! 😅

AppCoinsProject Just tweeted ********************************************** The #AppCoins VP of Strategy, @pmarquesalmeida, and our Unity Developer, Nuno Monteiro with Rishi Raja who worked on the development of the Word Mine app, today at @unity3d Unite India 2018 🚀
AppCoinsProject Just tweeted ********************************************** A quick recap of the #ASFBlockchainSummit event sponsored by #AppCoins, by the Executive Director of the #AppStoreFoundation @CMarcalo. Read how the ASF will help solve issues that the app distribution world faces at the moment👇
AppCoinsProject Just tweeted ********************************************** In case you've missed our latest partnership with @unity3d, here's a recap by @CryptoInNOut 🙌
AppCoinsProject Just tweeted ********************************************** Our @CMarcalo (re)presenting @AppCoinsProject at #DevFest18 🚀
AppCoinsProject Just tweeted ********************************************** Learn how to use the AppCoins BDS Wallet in less than a minute with this simple tutorial 👇
AppCoinsProject Just tweeted ********************************************** - Paypal Integration ✔️ - Rewards for Users ✔️ - Choice of Preferred Payment Method ✔️ The Hooper Release updates promise to increase added value both for users and developers. Learn how, here 👇
Hi all! 👋Yesterday we published the latest Hopper Release with updates on how AppCoins will use rewards as incentives for users for their purchase activity. In an effort to continuously improve the AppCoins protocol, we have launched a campaign to give users extra bonuses so that they can up their game. In the following video, you’ll learn how to play along and we would love for you to give it a try and let us know what you think. We would love to know your thoughts 😄
AppCoinsProject Just tweeted ********************************************** We're excited to announce the #AppCoins very first User Incentives Program, which will give all users up to 30% APPC bonus to spend on in-app purchases. Learn how to play along in the following tutorial video 👇
Hello everyone! 🌎The ANU #25 is here and this week’s focus is on One-Step Payment, User incentives program to help boost the adoption of the AppCoins Protocol, and how AppCoins was selected by Jumpstarter as one of the Top 100 Global Startups.Would love for you to have a look and let us know your thoughts! Read it right here 👇
AppCoinsProject Just tweeted ********************************************** The ANU #25 includes the latest updates on the @AppCoinsProject 🌎 ! This week's focus is on the User Incentives Program, One-Step Payment, and how AppCoins was selected as one of the Top 100 Global Startups. Get all the details now 👇
Hello everyone 👋As most of you know, one of our biggest challenges this year was to increase the added value of the AppCoins Protocol for both developers and users. Part of the added value for developers comes from the AppCoins Protocol having a good user adoption rate. However, users can’t use the AppCoins Protocol without developers integrating it into their apps. So, throughout the year, the AppCoins Team worked on different ways to reward developers and users alike for integrating and using the AppCoins Protocol.On the article below, we share what we’re doing to boost adoption of the protocol. We would love for you to have a read and let us know if you have any comments. We’re happy to discuss new ideas and adjust the programs as we go. 🚀Read more here:
AppCoinsProject Just tweeted ********************************************** Curious to know what @AppCoinsProject is doing to boost adoption of the AppCoins Protocol by #developers and #users alike? Learn more here 👉

AppCoinsProject Just tweeted ********************************************** @steamturbine34 Unfortunately, price is something that is not in our hand. However, we do expect the integration of the product in different app stores and the integration of more developers to boost the daily volume of transactions, thus hopefully impacting the price.

AppCoinsProject Just tweeted ********************************************** Wondering what are #APPC Credits and how the @AppCoinsProject team found the solution for #useracquisition? Our CEO @PauloTrezentos explains below 👇
AppCoinsProject Just tweeted ********************************************** Before we dive headfirst into the new year, here's a recap of some of the most important achievements of 2018 for #AppCoins. Here’s to a 2019 full of new features, integrations, and growth! 🚀

Hello everyone and happy new year! You may have received the following message on the Alerts channel "The account of the user that created this channel has been inactive for the last 5 months. If the account of the creator remains inactive in the next 28 days, it will self-destruct and the channel will lose its creator.", but don't worry. This is just a notification from telegram and we're fixing it as we speak :)

AppCoinsProject Just tweeted ********************************************** RT @PauloTrezentos: Team, a fresh new year ahead to power up these talented boys. Feeling grateful and excited about what we will do this year in @Aptoide and @AppCoinsProject

AppCoinsProject Just tweeted ********************************************** Happy New Year! 🎉 In the first ANU of 2019, we're looking back at the major achievements of #AppCoins in 2018. We're also sharing some improvements we will be working on in 2019, as well as a message from @PauloTrezentos. Read more below 👇
AppCoinsProject Just tweeted ********************************************** Ready to become part of the AppCoins revolution? 🚀 Join the User Incentives Program and start collecting APPC Credits now! 👉

AppCoinsProject Just tweeted ********************************************** Due to some irregularities in the Developers Incentives Program, we are temporarily pausing the program while we work on new security features to improve it. Thank you for your patience, and we promise to resume the Developers Incentives Program soon!

AppCoinsProject Just tweeted ********************************************** AppCoins Founder and CEO, @PauloTrezentos, gives his take on the good and the bad of 2018, and what can be expected for the #AppCoins Project in 2019 🚀👇
AppCoinsProject Just tweeted ********************************************** ANU #27 is here, and it comes bearing a new game-changing surprise! 🔥 Put your curiosity to rest by reading all about it, here 👇
AppCoinsProject Just tweeted ********************************************** AppCoins becomes the billing system for @CatappultDEV, the world’s first #blockchain app distribution console! Read more about it here 👇
AppCoinsProject Just tweeted ********************************************** RT @CatappultDEV: Better functionalities for #Developers = more time to create amazing apps and games. This is #CATAPPULT. #UnleashYourApp #CatappultYourApp
AppCoinsProject Just tweeted ********************************************** RT @CatappultDEV: As our developers' needs evolve, so do ours. #Catappult is a console whose sole purpose is to bring back power to the #developers 👊💥 Learn all about our journey to get here, and why this platform is going to be a game-changer for the apps industry 🚀 👉