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You want burning, marketing and what not. But noone of you are willing to put work to promote this project.

"None of us willing to put work to promote this project."Are you joking? We invested our hard earned money to this project and you also want that we will promote this project too.

You genuinely made me laugh out.

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ha ha ha ha

Classic sign of a loser, who laugh when he don't know what to say.

Kudos for that... but then don't go telling people that you earned that hard money from markets a?

If it happens.... just stop laying. Ok.

Maybe will make your life a little bit better.

And stop with that childish behaviour.

Go do some real work.

See how hard it is to earn money.

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If it happens.... just stop laying. Ok.

You are just a fool. Who joined this group and replies to everyone with negative impression about this project. Who are actually? Are you appointed by the team to give people only positive hope.

I have feeling that people here have been promised riches

Yea I'm that secret agent :D

hi guys, let's keep a healthy discussion level

See, unlike you I'm not telling you are loser

this channel is not to offend people

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#just be patient guys.

When did you joined this group?? I don't think you are here before me, when did you bought appc?? And how much.. before talking about patience I want to know how long you are invested in this project.

And I have been here a while.... Since it come out

I do remember seeing 3k members then

Any other question?


And just so that you know... I have taken out appcoins market more than I have invested at the end.

But that's a trading skill, and hard learned lessons.

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Besides the fact that you think that all 200m users will start to use it as soon as they role out, shows that you havn't given it a real tought.

I did not say that 200 million users will use it, but if more people use Appc tokens, Apptiode will have the most credit. Even in the field of blockchain, it surpasses big companies such as Google

Therefore, AppCoins currently determines the strength of the two companies, whether it is price or other information. Can I understand this?

At least Apptiode has advanced to the blockchain industry, and can find more directions at present, and can change it if it makes a mistake.

This is an opportunity to compete with big companies. If Google joins, they are not a level

Your right there....

Lords Mobile Update 🙌Dear Community,We are excited to announce that talks have finished, and we have reached a beneficial consensus for all involved. Happily, we were able to maintain the best value in the market for our users. Lords Mobile will remain in the AppCoins universe, and as such, payments are now up and running!We appreciate your patience throughout these negotiations. Kind regards and happy gaming 🙂

Good work team!

Thank you for your support! 🙌👍

It seems that appc is a good stable coin.... bull resistant.

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I do remember seeing 3k members then

I am here since 3,4k members...see thousands to go...

Good thing thou, some of those people will be buying back when prices go up.

2017 bulls went to relax for some years.. 😀

Why not after 15k %