That's kinda what appcoins shine at. Integrating this protocol into public that plays games. Not all of them are into crypto world for investments like we are.

Why the pump 🤔

Most alts are growing now.

If btc will keep loosing it's dominance now, like it has been doing, then we may see some more upwards growth.

With some corrections maybe?

my rank on holders moved down to 20 wallets, does that mean the whales are accumulating?

If it's true, then the data shows that there are by 20 more wallets that hold more coins than you. Rest is just speculation.

Could be anything...

under holder's tab

No worries. 👍

I’d be curious to see where all the long terms holds I see in this chat sit in terms of ranking. I try to accumulate and slowly go up in rank lol

700k Appcs moved off of binance wallets today alone

my credits price doesnt fluctuate, does it mean credits isnt backed by erc20 appcoins anymore?

il try to wait for more time if price move

Current price: 0.03647864 USD

Current price: 0.0349113 USD

Current price: 0.03481772 USD

dumped soooo hard.

Alex C
dumped soooo hard.

just a healthy correction, touched some support, may still breake down, but nothing surprising.

I spend last 3 days analyzing my markets... Have around 60 or so markets to trade.

Most of them had retracements due to btc pump. But btc was going up without volume, hence alts stopped dumping at a healthy support levels.

Since last low that was on may 8, appcoins is still up by 25%

Alex C
dumped soooo hard.

btw Alex, ther's a chance that alts will go down even more if btc will break up, but it's hard to say that it will, ther's no volume on this btc growth.

And as a rule, remember, first alts will grow in sat price, then in $ price. All charts, that are older than 4y show the same pattern.

But ther's only short window for that.... half a year up to a year at the best.

Thats where most money can be made.

If you are curious, go investigate total2 market.

;) Thank me latter. You will have high chance to score lot's of good trades from that alone.

😅 When 2$?

you can create a poll for that