Hi everyone! Welcome!


you gotta risk it to get the biscuit! Nice channel ❤️

What are your price predictions for the end of this week?

i think $6 is more realistic

Any idea when list on cmc?

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Yeah no moon/hodl posts please. I don’t want ex-TRX fan boys who bought in to start polluting chat.

Binance re-opened registration

Appcoins has great potential and fundamentally it’s a great company. So hold and you will be rewarded

Hello guys :) I guess I will be spending most of my time here :3 so sorry if im gonna be a pain in the ass ;)

I will be here tooo ! L

Binance is reopened for registration. I just registered.

Let's make this group clean and for serious talk.

Binance opens every now and then en let a few people in

Binance is reopened for registration. I just registered.

nice. we should see some good buy volume flow into the better alts now

Then they close to transfer

Well lets start shall we? since we got listed on marketcap, people will see us more and new buyers will flood in since ico is over and we are a new coin, what is ur guys predictions?

And tomorrow when it displays the market cap