You are best trader! 400k appc = 4k

The funny thing is that you react on every price movement like trader.

And blame good project because of it's price.

Kinda shallow, knowing that fundamentals are getting better and better, don't you think?

Noo i just love to see how the price is going down

Look at the $ price too.

Don't be singleton.

I think you don’t understand..

I'm not talking just to you, btw.

It's in general here. With a few exceptions.

Could not care more.

Ooo after 4h friends of admin activate

This project has lost 0.002 cents in $ price.


Compare with May, September

Anyhow, that's not the point the man was trying to make, and you know it

El PatatoCrypto
How much you earn for this?

It's like talking with the wall. I have told countless times that I'm accumulating. It means that I put outside money in with intervals for future price speculation. Not based on short term price fluctuations.

I get sometimes more sometimes less appc for the money I put in, and I plan, or think that we can still see quit a lot of boring sideways or small trends up or down before price will really go.

👍👍👍 Cost average down. I’m down to 3.4 cents now

Anything above 3.4 cents in in profit

Cost averaging down is one of the most important things for investors, who don't try to time bottoms.

Helps to exit if something goes south. But the thing is, that fundamentals are impressive. To me at least it seems so.

Another way is to swing trade, i even dont put a single penny since 2017 and iam up 300% 😅😅

Almost swing traders lose

90 % of retail traders lose

For every person that won is another person that loses

That’s just how it works

Current price: 0.0256532395 USD

I don't know why Appcoin community don't support project on social media. To much little likes and retweets.

Same I wish to see more engagement with the community

Forget about the community, it's almost non-existent at this stage, because of the bear market. Same happened with the last cycle, almost all community died out.

New ones, irrational and moonboys will come later.

Markets usually when they peak, community is most vigorous. So, I would not expect community to be alive and kicking at this stage as I would not wait for sun to shine at the night.

The current true community is slowly and silently accumulating right now 😌

No need to make noise