Another pump 🤞🏼 maybe sustained this time

Of course we don't like Pump and Dumps but it does give some visibility to the project and as the adoption of the token grows the volume will also grow which will make it more and more difficult for someone to manipulate the price

I transferred appcoins to my brd wallet over an hour ago and I still haven't received it, why?

The credits I can bet

Should I consider them gone forever since their credits


As I understand, they get deleted after 2 years and locked appcoins go back to developer.

Unless place where you sent your appc-c offer you option to integrate ERC tokens wallets, you wont get them back.

Should I consider them gone forever since their credits

No, you should use them to buy something inside ~4,000 games that already use our billing solution. If you go inside Aptoide you can see a section with the top games here:

Current price: 0.0385266143 USD

Any hope for this? Whatsoever?

Fkdmd .
Any hope for this? Whatsoever?

I suggest following the development of the project, not just the price

Fkdmd .
Any hope for this? Whatsoever?

The only thing I can say is for you to look at the adoption rate growth in the last 6 months:

I would say there is hope. We just need to keep working very hard. 😁

Good news guys! Indian Crypto currency ban by RBI is removed by supreme court of India

In app purchases went up 40% in one week. Awesome progress. Tighten up your seat belts for bright future.

Hard work begins to bear fruit😉

📣 ANU#57 is here!Hello everyone 👋This week we're focusing on more top-up options and brand new features that'll improve the user's overall experience when using the #AppCoinsWallet. Read on to find out more 👉

Please message me first so I can message you

5m IaP a week. That's 5% of circulating supply.

Amazing progress guys. Keep it up.

Get more major game companies to implement your payment system.

I'm wondering, will my add show up in all app stores who implement appcoins protocol? Even in app stores where my app is not uploaded, but they use your protocol?

Guys, please keep that price until tonight please: My credit card is at home 😄

Current price: 0.02281142 USD

Current price: 0.02327314 USD

Current price: 0.02099069 USD