Either the transaction is on the blockchain or not

I trust in the team but blockchain and everything appcoins is suppose to be about is transparency. Only makes sense for users and invested to be able to do an audit on it whenever they want. @PhillipaAppCoins @PauloTrezentos @TiagoAptoide

That’s what blockchain is all about

Crypto is in a really bad place because of 2017-2018 rally but that doesn’t take a way from the value of blockchain bad crypto it will just take time for companies and projects to prove they can build products and deploy them

I really wonder if there are many other projects out there that have integrated blockchain so well into their businesses like we have and with constant incremental growth month over month? 😊

Which problem Appcoins solved

Hi there, we solve the problem of distributing Android Games in alternative app stores. By using blockchain technology we are able to do the revenue share even if it's always the same file being distributed in different channels. You can take a look here if you would like to know more: