And thats the edge of btc. Lot of big btc holders are selling to prepare for whats coming.

But someone is buying up all those btc's

But we still have to see what btc will do,

I still think that btc will be a huge surprise for a lot of people.

I wonder what will happen when btc recovers and appc stays at it's sat price...

It's easy to sell it for btc and cash it out....

I wish I could get a bailout so that I can get more btc he he

Banks have unlimited access to money now. Printing just started, so get ready to see massive btc and altcoin move. All that free money will go somewhere, and some of it into will find it's way into crypto world. - Not to mention hyper inflation that may come.

Appcoins have done incredibly good job in creating utility token that is backed by btc.

And that will inflate btc price against them.

1 btc will always be 1 btc ;)

if btc dump now to 2- 3k$ , maybe appc to 0.005$

in this user growth there must be a reflection on the price, but i cant see it, even in small amount even a 1% in change of price, still follows btc

as it's just 2-3btc a day at the moment....