Sorry, honestly, my bad, took the 3x that you mentioned as volume (didnt scroll up chat to double check before sending the message). However, volume only spikes when BTC moves wildly, average volume is really just super low usually when there isnt any brutal BTC breakout or fall. Indeed the total market cap has increased for altcoins OVERALL, but it grows directly proportional with the btc price increase.. :) if you check the market cap of many coins/tokens/shitcoins/etc, their mcap is still super low. Anyway, ancient art, i really like debating with you but unfortunately i.m most of the time at work and always forget to really check on facts and data properly at home on the computer. We could discuss this on a more detailed level in private, it.s nice at least for me to compare views and inputs, to hear other opinions and calculations etc :) wish you and everyone all the best during the shitstorm that is about to come in the upcoming 2 months!! :D

Fldhs .
Is there any hope for this garbage?

I don't think so. It's the shitcoin btc that goes down and pulls the rest of the market.

Fldhs .
What storm in 2 months are you referring to?

It has already begun actually since couple of weeks ago. Keep an eye on the market until the end of the year :) if we drop under 6.8k, going full bearish again. The BTC halvening will not have a positive impact as everyone believes.. :)

Lot's of 1000 btc new addresses.... more than we had at the btc bubble top.

Btc below 7k. Crypto's a bust.

There are few large alts that showd identical pattern folowing btc fall.

Just to give you something to think about guys. Last time btc stopped going down at jan2015 and then for a whole year.... up untill jan2016 it was at the bottom.

i dont think so. is a more time to continue downtrend. on btc is not clear situation.

btc is on beauty triangle on 1w which could end in 2021...

because in log new ath on BTC will be in 2022 unfortunetly :(.

This leg in btc is most likely first of the four to six bigger legs on longer scale.

First one was slow, with altcoins folowing btc, the steep and surprising rise of btc led to altcoin sellof.

So if this is the beginning of bull market, then from historic charts of btc and alts indicate that this is when alts usualy start to slowly grow. The spike in sat prices you usualy see on charts on coin market cap is due to cmc not using logarithmic charting.

In the past 3 weeks BTC lost around 30% $ value while appc in the same time period lost 12% sat value

Wait untill all those people who panick sold into btc, a few months ago, will come back in alts while btc goes down and alts start to pump.

btc dominance has gradualy goone down for past months

4 BTC vol is a joke...

besides on 12 of august appc was at 309 sats and btc was at 10,5k $

now appc is at 399 and btc is at 7,2k

Btc was 20k 2 yrs ago... it's 7k now is it shit coin?

I can, as I can see there are days when appc have 50-100btc volume

11 mill market with 50btc

appc is at 2,8mill and have 8btc

And who knows what btc will be by that time.

it's dead only 3 btc volume on binance

Volume have droped to a 1-2btc a few times already, but we are still here. I will tell you what has not been happening before.... and it's 812k appc IaP a week.

All depends on BTC tbh...

Btc may drop until 6k

You'll never know. Accumulation is one thing. When the lions have their share, and every coin is oversold, then it takes less btc to pump up the entire market

and buy BTC later to be invested in similar projects as APPCOINS

If u notice this past months volume on appc is always 2btc to 5btc, that means interest is at all time low

The fact that btc dropet to new lows and alts still are up does not tell you anything?

Besides it's turning point now... any day now btc may have it's next leg up or down.... thinking that alts will go down because btc goes down is exacly what market want's you to think... like 2015 year... go back and look, how long it took for alts to range before there were bull market....

Btc trading volume is super low and alts on binance looks like a crap😅😅

I planed for a long period of accumulation with a possible little downtrend in sats, if btc goes up again. But that's also not guaranteed, appc can go up any moment now with the IaP growing like that.

@AncientArtCoin Are you ever planning to stop buying APPC? Because I respect that you believe in the project and have done good research, but APPC, like any stock market asset, may fail. Do you have a target after which you intend to stop? Because I bet on it around 0.5 BTC and I think that there is no point any more, because if it starts to grow, it will give me huge profits, and if it starts to fall below low, it will be huge losses.

I have told you countles times I'm not here for btc

Vol on binance 1btc. Delisting soon?

40btc within 15 mints

Appcoin with it's low volume have had biger volatiliti for the past month than btc

Fldhs .
So still no hope for this token?

But I suppose by your logic, btc have no hope too.

If you are here to stack btc, then why don't you use stop loss when you enter?

Money is just circling around btc and alts for 2 years

Really admire u from being positive, for now i stop accumulating alts and accumulating just btc from my swing profits

A lot depends on the BTC rate