There won't be any hardforks, appc is a an erc20 token that uses ethereum blockchain. I am also pretty sure that there won't be any airdrops. We already have Incentives for our users and they are called appc credits. You can read more about it in this article: 😊
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Still need a bit amount of ethereum, right? As a gas fee

@TiagoAptoide Tiago, I have a question if I can. appc is on blockchain ethereum right? Eth can process only 15 transactions per second (TPS). So I have a question. How can APPC handle the number of transactions if the actual adoption increases? Are you waiting for eth improvement by 2020?Or Do you have any yourself idea?

@TiagoAptoide Is APPC able to work or has any emergency plan developed if ETH fell to 0 or ceased to be maintained by miners? I know, it looks like an apocalypse, but the Roman Empire also once fell, even though it was supposed to be immortal

Hi, for now we are still focused on the Ethereum network. But I guess there are other main-nets that could be used in the future if really needed. Our wallet talks with the server and the purchase transaction is done off-chain and then we write the information on the Ethereum network in bulk to register the transaction. So for the first part we are not depending on the Ethereum network since we want to process the payment real-time and fast and the Ethereum network is too slow.

So then the team is using ethereum network to validate transactions?

AS I understand, you have seperate payment system, called catapult. Yo have acces to it as a team and when you are sure that everything is in check, you send it trough ethereum network to set all transactions in stone(validate in blockchain)?

Now they compete with btc and ethereum and cardano.

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Could you make so, that when game developer sends out money, like in btc or ethereum wallet we see orange arrow pointing other way and actualy can folow where that money goes?

Noone knows what will happen, but as a rule you can see that project's that prove themself, easily can make you very wealthy. Wouldn't you loved to buy ethereum for 1$?

it's an ethereum wallet for android. open-source