Is there any major progress in Appc?

Bujang Lapok, this type of media is not allowed in this chat.\nThe next time you will be banned/kicked/muted

Ary Julio
 hi good morning, after the downloader options for earning coins run out appear more? I've downloaded them all and it doesn't show up anymore, what do I do

Hi Ary and thanks for reaching out. New campaigns are created every week, so make sure to visit the app store for new and weekly games. As always, users can spend and earn AppCoins Credits in the following bundles inside Aptoide:- Featured AppCoins Apps (Earn and Spend AppCoins Credits)- Earn AppCoins Credits (Earn credits by giving 2 minutes of attention)- Use your AppCoins (Spend your AppCoins Credits)

How do i download my wallet?

Because i can't open it

How to open the file

hi, I have lost my old account that i didn't save Now when i want to save my phone number it says that is already used so how can i restore my old account with just my phone number