one month waiting for a reply

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why does the assistance not respond me either with the email or on the app from 2 August?

Здраствуйте мой кашелёк заблокировали как открый там мои денги

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Я накапил денег на appcoins и меня блокировали могу я открить и использоват свои денги

Hello.I wanted to purchase sets, but they blocked me, please unblock. Number:0x6213fb4db9d0c6e2a8fe9525d38dcc3ec026eace

Всем привет доброе утро appcoins wallet установил работать только одну приложении другие нету

Phillip (Official AppCoins Team)
Lords Mobile Update 🙌Dear Community,We are excited to announce that talks have finished, and we have reached a beneficial consensus for all involved. Happily, we were able to maintain the best value in the market for our users. Lords Mobile will remain in the AppCoins universe, and as such, payments are now up and running!We appreciate your patience throughout these negotiations. Kind regards and happy gaming 🙂

Good evening, the 2 transactions were made on 07/28/2020 in the IGG account ID 808987883 and to date I do not have the balance in either my IGG account or in my app coins wallet account, I ask you please to solve it as soon as possible or I will get the money back thanks. 0xa3e9d9ecc38929379b4ed1ddad76cdaeda2d845c I don't speak english translatormade in COLOMBIA

AppCoins Wallet 23:21. 28/07/2020 T.Cred *2305

AppCoins Wallet 23:23. 28/07/2020 T.Cred *2305.