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I want to buy appcoin worth 0.3btc

Asking if can i convert my appc to btc?

I have issue relating to wallet balance!

My wallet balance got reduced on its own!! What's this can be?

Sahil Sehdev
What that means?

You don't own money, but a tonekn that varies his value over time it can increase or decrease?

Like, if I have 100 appc whit value 0.10000 I have 1€

3 days ago was 19000,but now is near 30000 so it has increased the value

Thanks for information

APPC back to dump again ,

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Any big news coming soon?

Would be nice to a pump like data

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I have a bot for PayPal someone want the link?

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Hello! You can verify your wallet by going to Settings, clicking on Verify Wallet and following the steps.

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Is there a way to get in contact with an admin? I have some questions please

What products and services does appc currently have? Is there a Chinese group?

Any admin online?

I want to know about this project

Is there a way to move my appc to appc-c ?

What products and services does appc currently have? Is there a Chinese group?

I want to know about this project

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Hi all, how can i install my wallet in different phones?

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Admin is this Airdrop Run by [email protected]_airdropbot